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Makeup Brush Dry Cleaner Box

Makeup Brush Dry Cleaner Box

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Used With: BLUSHER, Eye Shadow, POWDER, Sets & Kits, Bronzer Brush, Sculpting Brush, Highlighter Brush, Eyebrow brush


Compact And Portable Our cleaner is compact and portable, making it ideal for both home and travel use. Slip it into your beauty bag and enjoy the convenience of cleaning your brushes wherever you go. Say goodbye to carrying around dirty brushes and hello to a sanitary and organized makeup routine.

Clean Brushes Mean Healthier Skin! By regularly cleaning your brushes, you prevent the buildup of bacteria, dirt, and oils that can clog your pores and lead to breakouts. With our makeup brush cleaner, you can maintain optimal hygiene and ensure that your skin stays radiant and flawless.

Easy To Use Offers an efficient and effective cleaning solution. The specially designed scrubber features textured surfaces that gently but thoroughly remove makeup, dirt, and oils from your brushes, ensuring a deep cleanse.

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